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Is It I, Lord?

Imagine spending three years learning from Jesus. Then, imagine at the Passover supper, Jesus says, “One of you will betray me.” One by one the disciples chime in, asking, “Am I the one?” “Will I betray you, Lord?”

It’s hard to believe that the same disciples who knew Jesus so well weren’t sure if they would be the ones to betray him.

Or, maybe it’s not so hard to believe.

It doesn’t matter how well they knew Jesus’s nature. What matters is how well they knew themselves.

And each of them recognized his own sinful nature; indeed, Jesus could have been betrayed by any one of them.

That’s what we are like, and we know it is true.

Every day I pray to overcome my cowardice, my anger, my ego, my indifference. Lord, don’t let this be the day I blast the horn at another driver or barely stop at the stop sign. Lord, hold back my tongue when the biting thought comes to mind, even though it would be very clever and funny. Don’t let this be the day, Lord, I harm a relationship with an unkind word. Lord, take away my impatience. That harried customer service representative is someone you love. You know my desire to be recognized, Lord. Help me to let others be in the limelight today.

Lord God, it is only with your help I can keep from betraying you. Don’t let it be today, Lord.

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