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Grits and Salmon as Ambassadors

Exploring grocery stores is a perk of living in a new city. I really enjoy one store―it is almost within walking distance, if I don’t buy too much to carry.

Not only do they have great products under their own brand name, they touched my heart with this display:

In another aisle, I was surprised to see recognition for Wisconsin’s awesome cheese.

At holiday time, many clamor for products from Wisconsin― Usinger’s sausage, Wisconsin cheese, and Johnsonville bratwurst. In fact, the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill was just in North Carolina for the Carolina Classic Fair. The Grill is 20 feet tall, 65 feet long, and six feet in diameter. It can cook 2,500 brats an hour! From here, the Grill left for Alabama to share more sausage goodness and raise funds for local charities.

North Carolina has local favorites, too. I am learning about banana pudding and pimiento cheese. Duke’s Mayonnaise is a local favorite―it even comes in BLT or jalapeno flavors.

When I visited family in Washington state, I brought North Carolina treats with me. They enjoyed instant grits, southern cornbread mix, and “Bone-Suckin’ Good” rub for chicken.

On the return trip, my North Carolina kin received tastes of Washington―smoked salmon, coffee roasted in the town of Walla Walla, and Mount Rainier cherries, covered with chocolate.

What is unique to your part of the world? Do you share it with family and friends? Maybe you are getting some ideas for your holiday gift-giving!


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