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Weird Jobs

It's almost Valentine's Day, which reminded me of chocolate, flowers, and lingerie. From there, my mind went to a job I once had, selling lingerie at a local department store. It was a bit weird.

I remember the time I was restocking the slip rack, and saw Bob H. from church over in the flimsy nighties. “Hi, Bob,” I waved, in what I thought was a friendly manner. He did smile back, but for some reason he left the department quickly, without buying anything.

When people asked me what I did, and I told them I worked in the lingerie department, they always perked up and there were a few snickers and guffaws at the idea. I can assure you that I took my responsibilities very seriously. Who was I to question the intended recipient of the Valentine thong or the push-up bra? I simply rang up the purchase.

The changing room was always a mess in that department and hanging tiny bra straps on little plastic hangers was a challenge. I broke quite a few of those hangers.

The chief attraction of that job was the discount I received, and, as I recall, my own wardrobe was definitely a little snazzier in the undergarment line, when I worked there. I remember a black half slip with a matching black camisole, and the same two items in a taupe color. Something about pieces that match felt very luxurious.

Speaking of former places of employment, I once worked for the Internal Revenue Service. That took weirdness to a whole new level.

I’ll bet you could tell a tale or two about weird jobs you have had. I hope you will share.

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