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Packing for Emergencies

Apparently, I am afraid I will get the plague while I am on my trip. Do you do this? I filled a separate toiletries bag with my “what if” bottles and potions.

What if diarrhea hits? What if I get that really bad heartburn? What if that occasional eyelid itch flares up? I packed my zinc pills because there is a hint of a sore throat and I must knock that out so my trip won’t be spoiled with a bad cold. Don’t forget pain pills and Melatonin to ensure a good night’s sleep in a strange bed.

My sister gave me a mini-flashlight for Christmas. That will be handy in the event of a blackout at the hotel where I am staying. I will be able to creep along the darkened halls with no problem.

I have a container of nuts and Chex mix in case my blood sugar drops. They will only be providing us three meals a day and two snacks at this conference. I wouldn’t want to starve.

My roommate called to say she would see me soon. We compared notes. She is bringing the band-aids and Febreeze.

At last I feel prepared. Thank goodness I am driving to my destination so there is room in the car for every eventuality. How on earth do people pack when they are off on a safari to Africa? I am going to a conference center an hour from my house. It’s just down the road from a Walmart. Did I mention I will be gone two days?

Do you get a little crazy when you are packing for a trip? Come on, you can tell me….

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