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Would You Do This?

After I put my toe through a thin spot on my flannel sheet, I knew it was time to throw the fitted-half of this bedding set into the trash. The bottom sheet always wears out first, leaving me with a perfectly good top sheet and pillow cases. As I turned the sheet over in my hands, I realized so much of it was barely worn. So I decided to salvage what I could for dust rags.

Step One

The first step was to get out my pinking shears and cut all the elastic off the sheet. Next, I cut out the part that was worn completely thin and set it aside. The

remaining portion of the sheet I cut into foot squares. All in all, this took me about 45 minutes.

The Elastic Bothered Me

I really would have liked to find a new use for the elastic. It was still in terrific shape. But I couldn’t think of anything to do with it, so out it went.

Did I Grow Up During the Depression?

It sounds like I am a Depression-era baby, but that was actually my parents’ generation. I think I am so frugal because of my experience living in foreign countries. In England, in the 1950’s, the “middle class” still used outhouses and many didn’t have bathtubs. I remember how proud my friend was to show me a galvanized tub that could be rolled out from under the kitchen sink and filled with hot water for baths. Her dad had rigged up the rolling contraption. They only had running water in the kitchen.

Then There Was Argentina

In Argentina, in the 1960’s, there were shanty towns. When I visited the country again in 2010, I saw an entire “village” made of cardboard, and people scavenging in the trash at night looking for cardboard to recycle or add to their homes.

A Nice Little Pile of Dust Rags

The little pile of dust rags with pinked edges assuages my guilt, somewhat, about living in such a throw-away society. I added some to my shoe-polish bag and gave some to our housekeeping staff.

As For the Worn-Out Piece

Instead of discarding the worn-out piece, I can use it for cheesecloth when I make my own yogurt. Ha, ha! That’s a joke. That would be gross. I may be frugal but I am not crazy! That section went into the trash.

However, if you think of a use for the elastic, be sure to let me know.

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