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Resolutions and Reminders

Happy New Year to all my blog friends. Twenty-twenty is a fun name for this new year. We used to say “Two Thousand and One,” etc., but now we are off and running with the Twenties.

I don’t make Resolutions, but I do “Remind” myself of things I already know I should be doing. Such as:

Eat healthy. Eat smaller portions.

Move more.

Listen more intentionally. This week my dental hygienist told me she cut her thumb chopping vegetables. As a hygienist, she had to wear gloves, use a laser cleaner, and floss patients’ teeth. It was hard with her thumb bandaged! I really, really wanted to tell her about the time I cut my finger when I was sharpening a knife. But jumping in with a “me too” story is not good listening. I hope to hone my listening skills in 2020.

Knit more, paint more, write more. These activities make me happy and feed my creative soul.I love the lacy pattern I found for knit dishcloths.

Maybe you would like to try it. I use Lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn, which comes in lots of fun colors. You can order it online from Herrschners of Stevens Point, WI.

"Let's Make Art" is my go-to site for watercolor tutorials. You can buy kits and paint along with Sarah Cray, who makes it fun and non-threatening. I even painted this peacock!

How about you? Have you made some Resolutions or Reminders?

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