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An EGGcellent Question

Do you rearrange eggs in the carton, as you use them? A friend and I were discussing our habits, after seeing a discussion on social media.

One picture made my skin crawl. It showed eggs arranged like this:

This is unbalanced, to my eye. Eggs cannot be left like this!

Until reading this article, I didn’t know I had perfectionist tendencies.

This is how I like to balance a carton, after using the first two eggs:

And the final four end up like this:

To me, this is normal behavior. Others, on the social media platform, said they never give a thought to how their eggs look in the carton.

Carrying perfectionism one step further, one friend says she cuts off the excess plastic sleeve on loaves of bread, as the slices are used. You know, with kitchen shears.

She also trims chip bags as the leftover chips are reduced. (Leftover chips? What an interesting concept.)

She calls herself an “efficiency expert.”

What about you? Are you an egg-carton-rearranger? Do you have other “efficient” quirks?


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