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Tulip Bulbs and Cinnamon Toast

I’m so excited the tulip bulbs I “forced” after their “winter rest” in the refrigerator, are blooming! It looks like all four bulbs are growing beautifully. So far, I have red and purple blooms.

Also, the coleus plant I brought inside for the winter is now sending forth new leaves. Coleus was an annual type of plant in Wisconsin, so I’m pleased to be able to enjoy this one again.

All signs of spring, right?

Not so fast.

We have had some cold, dreary days, even in North Carolina. One day, I really craved some cinnamon toast.

One of these Things Is Not Like the Other

After I sprinkled on the lovely cinnamon/sugar mixer, something did not look right. The toast was very……pale.

Oh, Nancy, you didn’t.

Yes, I did.

You see, I keep my cinnamon sugar in a little glass jar on my Pioneer Woman Lazy Susan (a gift from my sister, Peggy).

I also keep another jar of powdered stuff on the same Lazy Susan.

Have you ever had Metamucil toast?

Yes, that jar contained the powder beloved by senior citizens. You may wonder why I would put Metamucil in a pretty glass jar. In my defense, Who wants that big orange, plastic container on their counter? The Pioneer Woman has nothing on me.

Have you had any kitchen misadventures, lately? I’d love to hear about them.


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