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Will 2023 Be the Year You.......

Lose ten pounds? No, I am not going there.

Work out five times a week? Nope, not there, either.

My question is, will 2023 be the year you start a Good Things jar?

Find an empty jar, write on a piece of paper: Good Things in 2023!

Then, tape it to the jar.

Cut up some strips of paper, and leave the paper, your jar, and a pen out in plain sight!

I have been doing this since 2017, and toss in folded strips of paper with bits of happiness or serendipity all year long. I add the date on each entry. My friend Jean likes to use strips of colored paper, to make her jar more festive and NOTICEABLE. You need that reminder so you don’t start taking good things for granted and walk right by your jar.

Watch your jar fill up all during the year, but do not peek. Then, when your jar is full and the end-of-the-year holidays are over, sometime in January of the new year, dump all your good things out on the table. What a great way to relive the year and see that, despite the inevitable sad things that happen in life, there are also many good things. Take a moment to feel gratitude.

I just reviewed my 2022 entries. There were forty-five of them, squished into a medium-sized canning jar! That compares with forty-seven in 2021, the year I moved to North Carolina and had all sorts of good things going on.

2020, which was a pandemic year and had very little happening, still had twenty-one Good Things to remember.

2022 had lots of socializing with family, which always makes the jar. It also included this excitement:

“Judith is passing my books around in Israel!” “Wonderful weekend with Lee at North Myrtle Beach.”

Other more mundane entries to some, but exciting to me, were:

“New Zero-gravity chair for my patio!”

“Canceled cable!”

Most heartfelt: “Ross survived his heart attack!”

I hope 2023 finds you with a Good Things jar, and we can share our bounty in January of 2024.

Meanwhile, if you already keep a Good Things jar, be sure to email me some of your favorite happenings this year.

And have a healthy and happy 2023!


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